New Documentary Takes Deep Dive Into The Lives Of The Enders Sisters

WYNNEWOOD, Okla. (October 4, 2023) – Fans of the Disney Channel Original Movie “Right On Track” are eagerly anticipating the launch of a new documentary that will give viewers unfettered access to two of the most recognized figures in the sport of drag racing, Erica Enders and Courtney Enders. The film follows the two sisters and the Elite Motorsports team as Erica chases her fifth NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series world championship.

“Speed Queens: The Enders Sisters Story” takes viewers on a journey inside the world of professional drag racing as seen through the eyes of the Enders Sisters. Erica, a professional drag racer with five world championships to her credit, and Courtney, a motorsports journalist, on-air personality and influencer, work together on and off the track to create a unique dynamic that propels their passion for drag racing forward as they each work to make their marks on the sport they love.

Produced by FloFilms, a division of FloSports, “Speed Queens” was filmed over the course of several months and in multiple locations to provide viewers with a rich understanding of the Enders Sisters from the people and places closest to them. After having their childhood story in the Jr. Dragster ranks shared with millions of fans through the Disney movie, the Enders Sisters are excited to provide a more in-depth look into their adult lives.

“Early in my career at FloSports, I was invited to a FloFilms meeting to brainstorm some film ideas for the 2023 year,” said Courtney. “I suggested a few awesome stories about drag racers but nothing to do with Erica or me. After the meeting, I was told that they wanted to make an Enders Sisters story. A lot of the people at Flo didn’t know a lot about our story, the Disney movie or any of what we’ve done in drag racing. They loved the story and loved the fact that we were a part of the FloFamily, so they determined that one of the films would be about us. It was kind of weird for me since I would be working on the film and also be a subject. FloRacing always tries to tell the REAL story of the stars of motorsports and they feel that many drag racing stars have yet to let the world see the real side of their lives, so we signed up to be the first.”

The film will provide an authentic glimpse into the lives of both of the Enders Sisters as they work to balance their public personas with the realities of what’s required to make an impact in a male-dominated sport. As much as they want to be a positive influence for future generations, the world of drag racing can be aggressive and it requires a thick skin. The Enders Sisters are passionate about their careers in the industry and have had to work hard to be taken seriously.

“You’re going to hear some cuss words,” cautioned Courtney. “You’re going to see the agony of defeat, the thrill of victory, the tight-knit family aspect we’ve always had, and everything in between.”

“Viewers will definitely see a side of me that they haven’t seen before,” said Erica. “I think people form an opinion of you based on a twenty-second interview somewhere and they are only seeing the very tip of the iceberg. Through the years this has become more than a job; it’s my life. And I’ve sacrificed so much to be great and compete at this level. That said, I’ve had to grow a pretty thick skin and harden my heart a bit. The swear words and short fuse moments aren’t something I’m proud of but sometimes you have to be tougher and more aggressive than you want in order to be taken seriously.

“I’m excited to show viewers how we make such a huge operation work. What we have at Elite is not something you can buy or manufacture. That’s what makes it so coveted. I wished my entire career to work with a group like I have now. Without a doubt, I would say that the chemistry and family aspect is the reason for our success. I’m excited to show the world that with the right group of people, anything is possible.”

“’Speed Queens’ will give audiences a never before seen, real look at the lives of the Enders Sisters,” said the film’s producer Paul Gandersman. “They are some of the hardest working people in the sport and their grit and determination to win at any cost is what makes them special. Their story is fascinating. Courtney, Erica, and the entire team at Elite Motorsports gave us unprecedented access to everything that goes into becoming world champions – the ups and downs, the difficult moments, the painful losses – it’s all in there. But so are the dominations and victories. We’re honored to get to tell this story – one of the most unique and powerful in the world of drag racing.”

Speed Queens: The Enders Sisters Story will be available this evening at 7:00 p.m. ET on the FloRacing website at this link:

Speed Queens: The Enders Sisters Story